NaBloPoMo: Day 14

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Looks like OWS is boiling over tonight with a security/police rush, so I’m sure we’ll start seeing video and stuff tomorrow, but in lighter news, here’s part of what I spent today at work doing.

Me: Hi, I just brought you back from being in a drawer to get some old tape archives running.
OS: Oh, hello, I’m uh. What? I’m where?
Me: You’re in a new box, and I’ve attached the old tape drive.
OS: Oh, you probably wanna reconfigure the agent for the backup software.
Me: Yeah, for sure, let’s go do that.
OS: Okay, lemme just talk to the backup server.
Me: Oh, but you are the server.
OS: Okay, I’m the server, so I just need to reconfigure the server agent by talking to the… uh… the… hmm…
Me: Yeah, you ARE the server, the agent you’re looking for is localhost, it’s you.
OS: Okay, cool, I can just check in with the server agent over at… uhm…
Me: Yeah, no, it’s you, see? I’m restarting the server agent. See?
OS: Yeah, the agent’s restarted, so I can talk to the, uh, server, which is…
Me: YOU.
OS: I have all these backup tapes I know about, and they’re on the big Quantum backup jukebox that’s attached to my… oh, that’s weird, I could’ve sworn there was a-
Me: No, right, you don’t have that tape deck, you have this other tape drive, see? I’m refreshing the hardware list.
OS: Refreshing the hardware? Sure, I’ll just tell the agent on the serv-
Me: But, YOU are the SERVER, it’s you.
OS: I am? Okay, I’ll just tell the agent, which says the server is… uh… uhm…
Me: …
OS: Hey, I can’t find the server.
Me: …

So that’s what I day felt like, at least part of it.

In other news, the UStream feed for OWS went from about 3,000 while Arwen was watching to over 12,000 in the time it took me to type this up.

As overhead on the Human Microphone a minute ago: “This is not about me, this is about us.”

Hope everyone keeps their cool out there as much as possible.

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NaBloPoMo: Day 13

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This weekend is over. Good one. Was three days long, and felt like it, y’know? Like, can’t really remember what we ended up doing on Friday, ’cause I don’t think it was much, which meant some relaxing time.

Fired up the turntables today and Riplay/Tate got a chance to beatmatch and play with plugins on virtual turntables using the soundtrack of Jet Grind Radio as their source. Pretty good stuff, frankly.

Played some D&D tonight, too, which was relaxing. Indian food for dinner, but we were giving “white people” hot, so I have to figure out how to say “no, seriously, hot, please” in Hindi.

Also, Granville Island Brewery’s Winter Ale smells like vanilla. Dunno why, but it does. I remember a similar experience with Rickard’s Red after toothpaste, and it tasted almost exactly like those banana candies. Taste buds are weird things, I tell you what.

We finished watching the TV series Jericho a night or two ago, so now there’s just the 6-issue mini-season in print to read through, but I’m not sure I really need to read it. Seems like the show was less about the world falling apart, and more about how government is bad. I prefer something like the UK’s Survivors, where it’s not so much about suddenly getting everything back online and having new governments grasping at whatever power they can manage, and more about the simplicity of interpersonal relationships/civility.

See that series if you ever get a chance, it’s on Netflix in Canada, at least.

Posted on November 14th 2011 in General
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